Let’s face it, you can get your impact studies completed by a lot of different companies at prices close to ours. The major difference is SERVICE
We believe if we are not there for you when you need us, we have not done our job. When dealing with HN Research, we want you to understand that SERVICE is our business, we are here to Serve you and your company. Our goal is to give you everything you expect when dealing with a business associate. When it comes to Market Research, we promise that our SERVICE level will be professional, friendly and the most efficient and highest quality that you can receive from a Market Research company.

We can save you money. Our guarantee… we give you the better quality report, an independent analysis and a quicker turn around time than anyone else in the field. Add in the savings you get from not having to do any of the fieldwork and you will save even more.

Most research companies will require you to complete some of the fieldwork yourself. You may even be required to analyze the trade area and determine what the impact should be. You’ll get the whole impact study completed without having to do anything, except give us the location. You will receive the independent analysis within 3 weeks of the time you ordered the study.

Your satisfaction is assured every time you deal with HN Research with our “Quality Market Research… and then some” Guarantee. If, however unlikely, our services let you down, we will ask, “What can I do to make you happy?” We’ve never refused a customer’s request to make it right!


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