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The principal founders of HN Research, Tony Norris and Eric Haechrel, both formerly with Benner Research Group (BRG), brought with them 20 years of market research experience and their skills at running an effective Customer Impact Department.

HN Research began in 2003 and was founded on the objective of assisting our clients with managing sales encroachment as well as their other needs to understand who their customers are, and why they chose their particular restaurant over a competitor or sister store within the area.

Our main goal is focusing on:

Customer Impact (Encroachment) Studies,

Customer Perception Studies and

Customer Spotting Studies

We are a company that focuses on the wants and needs of your customers and how you can reach them better.














HN Research's Mission

Is to be the premier provider of quality market research for corporate and franchised retail outlets using intelligent growth solutions through independent, timely and personalized market analysis, while maximizing our customer's strategic potential

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