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Impact (Encroachment) Analysis Methodology

Impact Studies are designed to determine where a particular store’s customers are being drawn from and how a new site will impact the existing unit. We conduct on-site interviews at the existing unit, asking customers questions such as where they came from before coming to the restaurant and where they are going when they leave. Our survey involves a map, on which we plot each customer’s home and work locations, as well as trace the route they took to the unit and how they will get to their next stop. Asking these questions helps determine the trip patterns of your customers and the overall draw of the restaurant. In addition to these locations we ask questions regarding the customer’s frequency of visiting the existing Restaurant, where they were when making the decision to eat there, if in the drive-through whether they will eat at their next stop or on the way and why they chose it. These questions give us a very good understanding of the customer’s decision making process.

While completing intercepts at your restaurant we evaluate, locate and identify the activity drivers in the trade area. We train all our people to conduct the customer intercepts in a professional manner. We do not require you to do anything except give us the location of the site and the restaurant, as well as a sales breakdown of the restaurant so we can conduct the intercepts at times proportionate to the unit’s sales, taking into account day part, weekday/weekend and dining room percentages. With our methodology of having a hands-on approach to gathering the data we will limit the chance of a mistakes being made.

The week after the data has been collected we will evaluate each survey individually and determine the expected impact of the specified restaurant. Once the data is compiled and evaluated reports will be sent out by the end of the week.

The total time to complete the study from the beginning of gathering the data until the report is sent out is 1 week.


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